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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Walk !

One of the most beautiful walks I know of, which contains many important and varied emotions, is the one I make to the Camp Nou, in Barcelona. There are others of course, that at a certain moment had a great importance to my life and with a little pause of thought, have a big place in my heart. This one is special though as each time it is taken a new ending might take place, or rather a different anticipation takes place.
The walk starts at the Sarria Ferrocarril station were I get off to start my stroll. There have been times where a different path was taken, such as when you arrive from the center of town and you arrive by metro, after a couple of times taking that journey, Irealizedd it had none of the magic as the stroll from Sarria, so now I make sure a game is always started from that point.
You get out of the station and it is mostly downwards, the street are fairly steep and one goes cruising past a square with some luck you meet no one on the way down, as it is a moment of an introvert gasp of anticipation, of a moment where emotions will be flying high and not always into the wished direction. After a few minutes one passes a Japanese restaurant, where some very pleasant and memorable moments have taken place, without one noticing it is almost at the point of coming to Diagonal, rather than going straight onto the massive Diagonal I prefer to turn right and pass thMercedesez Benz franchise in Barcelona, perhaps one of many. It always reminds me of the great German films from the 70 and for some reason of Baader Meinhof (I know they preferred BMW - Baader Meinhof Wehicle). Cars is not something I think greatly of or even aspire of, but I do like Benz, at least the antique ones with their squares form.
Now one is by the Diagonal and crossing it the first signs of humans take place. The huge Caixa tower looms in front of you, it is an ugly building, but for a perverse reason I do like it. Shortly after you come to the kind of a roundabout which seems a meeting point for other attenders to the game. Now there is a humming silence, a quiet buzz, of adrenaline and anticipation, the excitement is perfectly taking place and the ants have started their movements in the stomach. The very last steps taken before a swift turn is made to the left and there it is in front of you. The sound now is much more concentrated and the spotlights lighting up up up before the moment has arrived.


Blogger magnusdeluxe said...

just the other day i longed for a walk with you : )

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Eva said...

Það er langt síðan við hittumst! Hvenær sé ég þig?

10:19 PM  
Anonymous perla untada said...

espero enterarme del resultado del partido por esta página...

1:14 PM  

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