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Monday, June 19, 2006

Thoughts so Far

The World Cup So Far

A lot of teams went into the first round very cautious, afraid of making mistakes and having to take on a gigantic task of having to win following games, which is not surprising as big nations such as Argentina, France and Portugal were heading home early last time.

What you will read is not a comprehensive account of the World Cup, but more of almost a brainstorming exercise to recall moments that have caught my eye.

As Penélope, anotherblockerr noticed that the Puma shirts are so much more soaked than other brands. One wonders if it is a technical fault or if it is meant to stick like glue to the body as a cat suit, perhaps to prevent any air going through and thereof slowing down speed. Although I doubt it, but it is curious.

I was glad to see Xavi taking the world stage he so deserves, when he got injured I had to check the internet every five minutes to see if it was all a dream (nightmare), however that injury meantiniquitya could prove himself and is now included in the squad. He could well be that important 12th player, the one who comes on when legs are tired. I think what England lacks is a Xavi, a player who can hide the ball if your team is leading and if you need a goal, you can make the ball run and the opposite players after it. A metronome. Spain is lucky to have three such players, all from the school of Lamasksa - Xavi, Iniesta andceasec, even if I think Cesc is more physical a almost a Lampard kind of player.

Argentina, I can just say O my Diego. It was beautiful to see them slowly, slicing through the defense. The most beautiful of them all was perhaps the Cambiasso goal, 24 passes 47 seconds and almost all of the team had been involved. Personally I had noticed I did have a cold turkey. When the world cup started all I wanted was to see Messi, how much I had missed him, he is one of these players, that make things happen, where nothing stands in the way of the goal, not just literally. He is so direct, even quicker with the ball than without it. A pure joy to watch and i feel proud to share it with the rest of the world.

England do not seem to have learnt from previous tournaments, where the temperature hits 30 C, they keep hitting the ball up as fast up as they can and then chase it, like schoolboys. This England teams seems to lack something they have always had. Spirit, they seem totally deprived of any ideas, any creativity and the sense of desperation in the T&T game when Rooney was thrown on the pitch to rescue things. There seems no sense of a plan. I also admit I can't stand Eriksson or Svennis like they call him in Sweden, he is like a dull middle-management or a manager for Woolworth. No personality, no blood running in his vein, no soul, nothing and his team play like that, a cheap nasty product from Woolworths.

Brazil, what can one say apart from that Roanldo is fat. Playing both Ronaldo and Adriano is a crime, they are far to static, both Kaka and Ronaldinho need movement to thread the ball in, as for now the opposite defender nows exactly where the two strikers are; parked.

Raúl can have some sort of place in the Spanish squad, his form does not allow the team to be built around him, like previously, but I think that his experience anspiritit and feelings towards the national team can be valid. Never in the first team, but very valid as a Spiritual Guide. Un Juanito.

France, little to say, almost no interest in them. I boycott them since Giuly was not included.

How come there are so many Africans at each game? How can Togo have so many supporters? It must be that all Africans living in Europe go to each countries matches in a brotherly support. In their wardrobe at home, they have a full set of the five countries.

Australia look like the Williams sisters of football.

Worst coaches so far: Lippi, Eriksson and Parreira, all equally stubborn.

Ronaldinho is playing out of position, almost in a Xavi position, there is no way he can be of any use there, especially aBrazilil play in a strike of 2 m by 40 where you have two huge rocks parked in the middle.

I do not like the Bermuda shorts of the competition. One longs for the player who wears no tights to have them slipping up in order to catch some flesh, but unfortunately most of them wear a leopards undeneatth. A shame for the ladies and other leg catchers.

I like the fact that all the players of Argentina seem to have a haircut they have had since the early teenage years, the only exception being perhaps Crespo, but look at Sorin, Riquelme, Saviola, Maxi Rodriguez, the goalkeeper, it is not one you gain in your early twenties, but a timeless one from the delicate age of 14.
Some words of my friend Sam:
"Maradona's daughter is very fresh faced is she not -
and with that wonderful mix oembarrassmentnt and pride
that every child feels for a parent".



Anonymous josef said...

Which African team do you want to go through?

9:36 AM  
Anonymous J Linares said...

De momento me gusta la sensibilidad con la que hablas de un contexto que imaginado desde la distancia, entre tus palabras y mis prejuicos, parece existir a camara lenta, donde la soledad es mas profunda y sentida. Desolador y tierno al mismo tiempo.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Jiri Laskinone said...

si que me esta gustando. Pero creo que a partir de ahora quizas se ponga mejor. Hay algunas selecciones que ya han mostrado bastante buen futbol, como son Argentina y Espanya, pero hay otras que quizas ahora cambien la cara como Inglaterra, Alemania, Brasil. Holanda juega bien pero solo a rachas y no creo que mejoren mucho mas. Italia nunca se sabe y Francia siempre puede dar una sorpresa por que tiene jugadores para darla, pero de momento juegan de culo. Mexico me ha decepcionado de momento y Costa de Marfil ha sido entre una injusticia y una pena que ya esten eliminados. Espanya creo que tiene equipo para ganar, tiene una delantera que lo esta haciendo bien con un Fernando Torres en uno de sus mejores momentos, un centro del campo de lo mejorcito si no el mejor del mundial y una defensa que creo que tiene que hacer algunos arreglos para cuando juegue contra equipos con poder ofensivo, como por ejemplo Brasil. Bueno, que sirva esto como primer mini analisis y aunque solo sea por el bien del espectaculo espero que la roja pueda llegar lejos para que por lo menos no sean los de siempre los que juegan las semifinales y final.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Edwin said...

i was watching that Argentina 6-niller in a pub in Raval, Barcelona. absolutely triumphant football - i love this team.

as for England, Sven and his successor McLaren will lead us nowhere. The most expensive and embarassing flop. Only Joe Cole's solo goal of the tournament lifted it for me. When will he play Walcott? If not why bring him?

2:28 AM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

You must be the only person from England who likes Argentina.
Did you try any of the restaurants I tipped you? Who did you watch it with in Raval?
Svennis is a total fake and they have done so badly to go with the continuation of that man. McClaren is another bloodless soul. Tragic tragic.
They really come across as they have no clue what they are doing. A mixture of a Woolworths manager or someone of the back of a lorry selling second hand stolen batteries (obs. not TV.s)

@j linares
I will intend to continue on that line until it is time to break that line, When one becomes scared of changes, it is time for a change. One of my few mottos that I actually fulfil. :)

strange name you got. yourself. An ARgentina Spain final would be lovely. I would like Brasil to step up a gear, but they need to find a working tactic. It is not working with the two mountains.

12:48 PM  

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