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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anecdotes and Relics

Chess Poetry

The Woman Who Did Not Stop Working
There was a women, who had been in the job for some time. it was not that she was stuck there, or that she liked it too much, although it was comfortable. There were other job opportunities that came up, however for some reason or another she never took them up, making her continue in the job she had been in for many years. Some of her bosses went, others came and others stayed. When asked why she never moved on, she did not really know what to answer, the answer did arrive one day, after her death her diaries were found and the stated a fear. As this woman had been very much appreciated, even loved in her job, she had an immense fear of moving on to a new job only to find out the replacement was better and more loved than her.

Chess Relic


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