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Monday, April 16, 2007

Bees and the nuclear alarm clock

Nuclear alarm clock

Standing on a street corner. In all decency. Remember – Decency. Not waiting for anything in particular, but letting time pass by. It was mid afternoon and I rarely allow time to just pass by like that. We live in a modern time, where time is money is freedom. But in all freedom it was something special today. A crisp spring afternoon, the very first one of this year. People passed by and I allowed them to pass by with few interruptions. As time went, I found myself more and more at ease with my newfound hobby, until suddenly someone did not agree with me. This time I was severely interrupted and that is to put it mildly.

A creature was telling me something. It kept buzzing around my physical self, my soul and me. My deepest inner feelings where hurt or was I perhaps hurting someone else? My conversation with myself got that banal, or at least it made me realise the meaningless of them. This huge bee, perhaps it was a Mother Bee, or was it a wasp, perhaps it was a wasp. I have to admit I have never really known the difference. Anyway it kept flying around me and around me, until I felt trapped, it was like it was creating a trap, putting me into a jail like existence, until I moved and I moved further away. Waking me up of my luxury of standbying. I moved and moved away, but for a long long time it’s buzzing kept ringing in my head. Like a nuclear alarm clock.

The Bee

I was sitting by my desk, well not my desk, but in this beautiful living room, with a high ceiling, perhaps 4 times my height), it is a beautiful dark brown heavy wood dining table. In front of my I got some chicken picture, that I am not entirely sure of its purpose. It had been a productive day, it was sunny and I had even had the opportunity to enjoy the sun, in the end it was not the direct result of the weather driving me in, nor was the lust of working on a Sunday, in the end it was fear that drove me in. Fear of Insects.
I am not really scared of them, but I find them uncomfortable, I just can’t relax as they creep up on me. I came in and refound some peace, until I notice some sound, look up and on my window, the right one in the room, there is some huge thingie buzzing. I walk over and ui yuk, or uif. Whatever you want to call it, I decided to affront it bravely and let the sweet creature out, however it was dangling on the right handle, meaning I could only try to open the window with the left handle.
In the end I retreated and decided that sometimes it is handy to use the Gender issue, so I called for the Man in the house to sort the situation out. We got a jar and even he trembled as he put the glass on top of the beast. In the end it was in the pot, with the lid firmly on. It buzzed safely inside, that will say for our safety. It looked like a giat spider in there, so big was it, a monster. As the rubbish was going to be emptied the next morning, it seemed like a good idea to put it in the bin.
Next morning after taking my bicycle out of the front door, after walking down the steps and open the gate I see the bee sitting, or lying on top of the bin, with the jar (and the lid screwed on) next to it. Strange, very strange, but sweet.

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Blogger Mr Towers said...

letting time pass by is an art very much scarecely known these days (and the others too). Loosing time may be sometimes the best way to take out the best of our time.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I have never had that as an occupations, but definetely as a hobby. Especially now with the obsession of spead

8:01 PM  

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