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Monday, February 12, 2007

Innocent Soul

I have just experienced something strange, while reading Barça i el Franquisme, I looked up, as my Catalan is not its best and I was trying to put one word in touch with another, making some sense out of them.
In front of me was a group of people, very Scottish in my confused and disperse way of looking at things. Then I see what is the motive of me wanting to remember the situation. This little kid, perhaps between 15 and 20, dressed in blue tracksuit bottoms and a grey sports jumper, on a day were I am wearing 7 layers of clothes, scarf, hat and gloves and double layer of socks (one made out of Icelandic wool). The women, a chubby tiny one, but not too schemie (ie. out of the schemes, of the back of a van selling second hand car radios) is handing over some money to the kid who has several teeth missing, dirty hair (most likely a junkie) and in her hand she is holding two packs of meat. The kid pus the rest of the meat (the ones he did not sell) back in his dirty rucksack and walks on to the next table (not mine) to find new customers. The group of people are discussing various recipes and I am noting down this experience. Perhaps I am too much of an innocent Nordic soul to fully grasp that not only illegal dvd's are sold in pubs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yrsa ni se te ocurra comprar carne en el pub, seguro que es de vaca loca.
El Barça y el franquime? Terminarás llorando ya lo verás.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Edwin said...

Although this kind of trade happens, it is funny when you recount it.

I have heard of similar stories of gypsy trading, black market meat trade is most common during Christmas.

2:32 AM  

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