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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Swimming In The Desert

For some reason or other, this clasico has not been of previous excitement. I remember the times when all one could think of was el clasico, feeling it in the blood thrusting through, trying to come to ones senses, trying to make a coherent sentence after the other, not being able to do anything due to nausea, when all one could hear was el clásico, when on each corner you noticed we were all in the same boat, depending on the result in order to put our state in the right place.

This year it has been watered out, in the first one Barça was in between clashes against Chelsea (perhaps the rival that is taking Real's place), and now just after Liverpool. It is true that the team is out in the Champions League, almost not having shown up in the first knock out round, but there was some pride left. The same for Real. Both teams had to show there is some life left in them.

Real's decadence has been coming for some years and even existing for some years, ever since Barça's resurrection from the Dark Era of Gaspart. However it is amazing how quick things can turn, it is less than a year ago that Barça was the team in Europe. The one everyone wanted to emulate, who had the neutral fans on their side. There are many reasons that have been stated for the quick fall of the team and in previous three years not one scandal had been heard, now there is one a week. Player after player is coming out, criticizing their team mates or criticizing their team mate for critisizing their team mates. It has happened so quick that no measures had been thought up, and now suddenly half the team is for sale (at least in the fans opinions) who are more than scared of becoming Los Galacticos Two. it is true that perhaps some players are in need of a new challenge and some even are a bad influence on the behaviour of others.

There will be some turnover in the summer and one of the cracks, if not two will be shown the door.

The game itself was probably the best in ages, or the worst in ages, as both teams defended like schoolboys. I am not sure that the probable result of 6-6 would have been enough, and that shows what an awful defending there was, the total anarchy on the pitch. In the middle of the first half, one was expecting each team to have had two sending offs, a multitude of opportunities and in the end it was almost like in most games. Barcelona were punished for their defensive neglection and saved by their individual geniouses. Real Madrid proved to be more of a team, with a courageous spirit (and that is not
Capello's order I believe), with Barça saved by a 19 year old who scored his first hat-trick. It was a Madrid who played the best game of the year, but could do no more. A Barcelona who at times were vulgar, playing a 3-4-3 formation, that is nothing but suicuidal, especially with Oleguer at the back and Márquez who's head is everywhere apart from on the pitch.

For the spectator it was spectacular. Real will go away from the match with a sour feeling, having had one man more for 45 minutes and the feeling of two points loss, while Barça will have to do some serious auto criticism and not be blinded by a goal that felt like victory (Messi's third in injury time), they will have to start to reflect on what they are doing wrong and perhaps taking Gudjohnsen's words to the heart.
If only everyone would give that hundred percent, the team with all its talent would be unbeatable. will be a long long swim in the desert.

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Anonymous Edwin said...

I can't agree with you on it being not exciting, that was the best Clasico for at least 3 meetings!

What about Guti's performance?

Sid Lowe's article summarises it well: over 300 attacks, 30 shots on goal..

1:55 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I meant exciting in the pre talk. Not the game itself.
The commentatory in the days before normally starts 2 weeks before the game, now because of Liverpool, (previously Chelsea and Benfica) it started 2 days and really watered out.

I can't talk about that player, he disgusts me so much, the Real player I hate the most.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

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3:09 PM  

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