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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Working Anecdotes

More Working Anecdotes

Like Edwin mentioned in the previous post, there was this Chinese Women, who came in with a surgenons mask. Always on Sunday double bills. I allow Edwin’s words to recall the story:
“Limping with her walking stick past two sets of heavy fire-doors to complain of phantom cigarette smoke, "I AM CHOKING", whilst miming a strangling gesture round her throat. What was really odd was that she repeated it three times, then returned to the screen.”
She would allows visit the disabled toilet, always. I have to admit we sometimes used that toilet to cure hangovers… Or just to have a momento of piece. I once used it to my shift co-workers annoyance, for something truly special. It was something I had been waiting forever to do and that day I had bought new toe nail clippers. So I spent ages in the toilet in order to cut my toe nails. Back to the Chinese Women, one time the disabled toilet was not locked, to her fury, she wanted us to lock it so no one could use it, apparently all disabled people have a key. In revenge she left her dirty knickers on the toilet seat. She also always wanted us to clean it, something I refused to do.

Mr 1 - who had the only tatoo I like. Extremely funny in his mental bourgeoise Brazilian way.

There was also this old man, who was extremely strange, he had some kind of illness and would start screaming and swearing, tourette’s syndrome. He came up to me to introduce himself, after a long chat, where he was clearly scratching his bottom, from within the trousers (you know what I mean), did he reach out his hand to introduce himself. I have never ever wanted to clean my hands as urgently as that time. I also remember the conversation consisting of prison and prisoners in Iceland.

Mrs 1 - at the Christmas Party

Another one from Edwin:
“I think you forgot to mention asking one of the main distribution representatives, who was English (white English), "are you a triad?".
Rob Kenny loves recounting that one, as he had to apologise on your behalf.”

I became obsessed with the Triads, found them so fascinating and as they were always in there counting money and ticking things off, I used to ask for a tip. Just straight out: I see you have money, can you tip me, which they would often do. I think I was the only one who actually really liked them. I also made an art piece on them or their relics.

A normal day at Curzon...


Anonymous dolors said...

Yrsa soy Dolors (Banyeres Blog) ... perdona por ocupar este espacio pero hace dias que quiero preguntarte si conoces este establecimiento

Yo lo descubrí hace 2 semanas por casualidad, paseando ...

Sorry again.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

@ dolors,
no hace falta perdonarte, ya que el espacio sirve para eso. Si conocia ese bakarí, me lo dijo una amiga islandesa que vive en barna, y fui con mi amiga leila, que ademas conoce a media barcelona, y claro conocia al chico dueño. Muy amable, nos regaló un monton de pasteles (que iban a tirar) y eran muy buenos. Creo que es muy caro, pero muy bueno.
Las panaderias en Islandia también son muy importantes, incluso pienso que el pan en Islandia es mejor que en España, donde ja todo es congelado o muy blanco, no hay variedad.
Lo has probado?

9:44 PM  
Anonymous dolors said...

No, no lo he probado ... el día que lo descubrí había mucha cola y ya era bastante tarde.

Yo compro el pan en un sitio en el que si hay variedad (y no es congelado)

Anyway, tengo que probarlo ... cuando lo haga te lo diré

11:01 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

o el truco es ir, just antes que cierran...
donde es tu sitio de pan?

11:03 PM  

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