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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Less of a painting more of a making

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Listen to the song. A song about the process of painting.

The Factory of Roca Fannberg
The factory Roca Fannberg is not comparing itself to Andy Warhol´s factory, there are two similarites though. It is all about quantity, rather than quality and the process is much like colour by numbers.
Patience is an important factor. Time is not.
The important thing is to allow the paint to dry before you start painting the next layer and that is why it´s important to work on as many as possible. While on dries, you work on the next one. In that way I can do 10 in one afternoon.
Factory, not quality.

When I paint it is as simple as finding images with similar colours.
Once you have done that it is simply down to colouring by numbers. First a lighter tone and while that tone dries you do another picture and another and another.
Or as many watercolour blocks as I own. If I own 3 blocks I do 3 paintings at the same time, if I own seven then I do seven at the same time.

I am extremely meticulous when it comes down to painting torsos, packets and shirts (not suits). With my eyes pierced trying to get it right. If it goes wrong I can be in a foul mood for weeks (or until the next painting session).
But when it comes to the background there is no planning at all.
Just allowing the colours to play with each other, leaning the paper in one direction then another, while blowing a little bit. It is about the chance factor. Leaving random factors to decide.

Here are some watercolours from one session.
As I have not found titles for them yet, you are welcome to come with suggestions.

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