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Monday, June 14, 2010

Insanity or Artists

This is a "fake" conversation or it might not be.
I leave it for you to decide.

Mother (M) - Do you know you have a mother?
Daughter (D) - Yes, I might have more than one.
M - Oh
D - What can I do for you? As I know something is behind this conversation. (Yesterday I had an email asking me to get on Skype).
M - You know those threads I use.
D - No. You use thousands of different threads.
M- Yes, but...
D - Can we talk in a couple of days on skype, as I am busy.
M - What are you busy with?
D - Well I do work sometimes you know. I am working on my things, no need to get into details.
M - Oh. Don´t you know there is Christmas coming up?
D - Is this a threat for me to not get any Christmas presents.
M - Yes. I need a black thread. Can I use your VAT number?
D - Well I am not sneaking on the Icelandic government in need, and with your best friend as a minister. No way. We won´t be able to borrow the car. Who will give me seabirds, fish, keep my superior blueberries in their freezer.
M - But the doctor´s in Sweden buy freezers on "their companies".
D - Is this thread so important. I mean I thought someone had died on something.
M - This is much more important than death. This is life.
D - Aha. Thanks for teaching me a few things about life.
M - Well I need this thread. Do you know how to use Google? Is Google not your friend?
D - But I am sure you know how to use Google?
M - No that is the thing.
D - Sometimes playing stupid does not work. At least in my world.
M - But...
D - Don´t you have two sons who live with you. Is it not their duty? Did you not tell them that Christmas is approaching?
M - They are too lazy and useless. I tried to threaten them, but they just don´t care.
D - Are you saying I am more materialistic?
M - Yes.
D - Ok, but I want a new scarf, in the colours I choose. I want one of those things, that is not a scarf and not a woolie hat, but can work as both. Like the white one I have.
M - Are you trying to buy me?
D - Yes. Remember the colours I choose.
M - Ok ok. As long as you get me this black thread.

On a different note.
The World Cup has started.
At the beginning of the year I conducted a research on the Seychelles islands. It is made by professionals and with an extereme attention to detail. Maximum rigorisity.
Below you can see a sample of the results (Click on the image to enlarge it).

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