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Thursday, January 22, 2009

There is hope

Female control, 2009.

Ten Reasons I want a change
1. The same people who slept deeply during the viking outrage are not capable of taking the country out of the mess.
2. There won´t be any investigations while those are in power.
3. I suspect that there is serious corruption behind the curtains.
4. The arrogance of the country´s leaders.
5. They call us skríl, a pejorative of a person.
6. The same accountants that approved the accounts of the bank are investigating the banks.
7. Davíð Oddson is still head of the central bank.
8. No assets of those 38 vikings have been frozen.
9. IMF.
10. They totally neglected all signs that it was just a plain bubble and called everyone jealous who told them of the risks (foreign or non-foreign)

The protests have grown rowdier and rowdier. No people have not forgotten, they were not going to.
After the Christmas holiday, the governments first point at the agenda, was if beer should be sold in corner shops or not. What an insult.

There have been almost non-stop protests in front of the parliament, with pots and pans and eggs and paint. People from all classes and ages have been attending. The people are just seriously fed up.

Last night the Social democrats (in coalition with the right party) held a meeting, where elections were discussed. The protests stood outside the National theatre (where the meeting was held) and sang the government out (no eggs, no paint). Finally the news came that yes, they want a rupture and yes they want to call elections some time this spring.

Ps. I want to mention one thing to be proud of, while the protesters were singing and banging outside the parliament, there was a funeral in the church next door and the protesters stood quiet for half an hour in respect of the family. Is that what you call a skríl. I hope the government has understood that this is the people, this is the nation. And we want a change.

I do not though want to celebrate anything yet, as I want to see that rupture and I want to see those elections.

And last of all - I seriously hope the nation won´t vote the same incapable idiots again.

Modern soldiers, watercolour on paper, 2008

You can see pictures of the demonstration
and here


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