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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Icesave Iceslave

Another great phrase I saw at the demonstration last saturday.
It seems the protest is intensifying, after several peaceful meeting the heat is certainly up.
For more detailed explanation I recommend this
I seriously have difficulties understanding that our government is still there.
They look more corrupt for each day, same people, who got us in the shit.

Falling, 2009.

Tomorrow Barcelona Espanyol. I certainly hope we will beat them and I have no regrets if we beat them, really beat them. Espanyol is not a team I am particularly fond of, mainly because of their cry baby attitude and their fans, who booed their own goalkeeper Kameni (he is black).

The January blues is almost over, there is more and more hours of sun and the air has been really crisp. I just have to get myself out of town to see the Northern lights.
Good news is that I am going to Flatey in march. To collect seaweed.

Ground control, 2009.


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parf ad athuga:)

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