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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy week

Prelude to battle

I have not had time to paint any new pictures, busy preparing Christmas and working on my film, which is slowly slowly going somewhere even if that somewhere is nowhere near where I want it.
Some people might have heard of my grandmother.
The one who is in touch with pixies, elfs, but not hobgoblins.
The one we believe was Napoleon in her former life and the one that can be funny, but can be annoying.
The only person in Iceland who seems to like Davíð Oddsson, the head of the central bank. My dear Davíð, like she calls him.
A while ago she asked for a Liverpool picture, as she had read in the paper that a young boy who was dying of cancer was taken to see a Liverpool game by the Icelandic supporter club. It was one of his last dreams. She wanted to give the supporter club, that was later created in his memory a picture.

I am not sure if it is too "erotic" for them, or...

Next on for painting, are pictures from el clásico, I already have them in mind.
Violence and sexuality.


Ghost appearances


Blogger Ana said...


I just wanted to let you know that I'm making an award to you, in this, the inaugural ceremony (for wont of a better word). Please see:

Strictly speaking you're not supposed to get this until Christmas Day, but we figured a bunch of people might be away visting, and whatnot, at that time, so we're sending them out, now.
Anyway, Merry Christmas!

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