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Monday, September 22, 2008

Perhaps my favourite place on earth

The village of Flatey. I have recently stayed there, but my memories remain with the farmer. My favourite farmer. The farmer who used to live by herself, for many many years. One house, who are not her friends and a boat that arrives once a week.

It was always my dream as a kid to drive one of those. It was my dream to live between sheeps and cows. Be one of them. But... I became a city kid.

Never ever touch these eggs, the owners are one incredibly aggressive. I was attacked by one. No not close to the egg. the sound of Krían is although very very impressive. The amount of sound they make. Not among my favourite birds.

This is so so Bergmanesque - it reminds me of a scene of the Seventh Seal.
I was baptised there by a very drunken priest, who lived on the mainland.


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