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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Final ecstasy

It had to be in the last minutes of the game. Samuel Eto´o who loves little more than scoring against his old club, the club invited him to Europe as a fifteen year old, the club who forgot to pick him up at the airport when he arrived in shorts on a snowy winter day.

Madrid were kind of in control of the game and I admit that I just knew that they would score in the final minutes. They were Madrid. It would have been so typical. Playing like a Logroñes or another team who aspires to little more glory than get a point against the big teams.

Barcelona were anxious, too anxious. It had all been about revenge and as we all know revenge is not a very constructive word or action. They tried and tried, but Madrid marked Barça´s main men very well, with legal and border line tackles.

Messi received three hars tackles on his ankles in the first minutes. And so it continued until in the final minutes when Eto´o scored from a corner. Yes a corner, Barcelona have scored from more corners in twelve games than previous two years.

In they dying minute Messi scored a beautiful goal that sent 98 000 spectators into an ecstatic frenzy.

I walked home through the snow with a sweet sense of victory.

Hopefully it is only the beginning.

I leave two extracts from Cadena Ser - a Madrid based radio station.
Paintings to follow.

First goal

Second goal



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