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Friday, March 31, 2006

Seen Today

I saw two freaks today.
First there was just a dwarf.
Or second I saw the other freak first.
She really made an impression.
At the Festival (not too sure if it has any connotation but these people were walking around in white with a book in their hands. Probably a bit like in the bible. Or Religious meaning to it.
As you can see I am not very religious.

But here we go; she was wearing all white, first I noticed that, then in her face she had white powder covered only partly. She had a huge scarf around her also white and a bag.
All of these things would have been enough and this is probably why she was doing all this effort. I noticed this last in her face she had huge huge Warts or round outgoing things. It kind of was a bit shocking and it was so beautiful to see how she covered it all up behind this whole outfit.
It was really really moving.
She moved in an extremely slow pace as well.


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