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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adiós The Devil (bichos/bitches/beasts)

I lost something like this jumper. :(
Like I mentioned in the previous post I was invaded, not by the wholy crusaders, but by the devil itself.
A few days have passed, but I am still obsessed.

What I have learnt is following:

* Throw away the worst infected clothes, preferably all infected clothes.
* With the ones who will not throw out, take them out of the drawer, hoover them not well but perversely well. Take them out into the garden and beat them, beat them and beat them. The eggs will still be in the garment, hoover them again, beat them again, hoover them again. Leave outside for 1 day. Wash them by hand with lavender soup, leave outside to dry (those bitches do not like sunlight), take to the dry cleaner, leave outside.
* With the drawer, you need to hoover the drawer really well, you do not want any eggs left there. Wash it with lavender soup, leave out in daylight, was again, leave outside for two days. Hoover again and wash again. If it was really badly affected, I would get a pest control firm to take care of it.
* Hoover everything in your room, all little corners, everything. Wash floor and if the invasion was bad, the walls with lavender soup.
* Personally I can't stand those chemical moth balls, that make you smell like a looser. I bought some herbal ones, but I also recommend cedar wood and lavender leafs to leave in your wardrobe.
* Now with the wardrobe and house clean you should be able to put your clothes back in the drawer, bring them back from the dry cleaner. Having the garments washed thoroughly it should free them of eggs and other disgusting rests of the bitch.

The bitches do seem to LOVE the Icelandic Lopi(wool).
The fact is that I am moving in 2 weeks and I DO NOT want to take the bitches with me. I hope that my method will work and not one sign of them in the new place.



Blogger Eldeu said...

let's hope you aren´t taking the devil with you, then.

I'm sure they´re not coming, anyway

ac/dc, yrsa

5:48 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Aha, I hope so. Two more weeks and I will now the answer. It would be quite tragic.
I think I could almost open a bug clinic, I have become an expert. Ha ha ha.

6:31 PM  

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