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Friday, September 22, 2006

Barça - Valencia

This year it looks like Sevilla and Valencia will be Madrid's beasts for the second place (Obs second place). I hope you are not taking me for un arrogante, for thinking who will be first.

Valencia is a strong team, with a great coach (I like him) from a famous gypsy, flamenco singing/dancing family who writes poetry.
Apart from that they do tend to produce "telearaña" spider net, which is very efficient in slowing down Barcelona's game.
Eto'o has started like a monster, possessed and Ronaldinho seems back to his best, Deco has found the form from the first year (he has probably got back with his wife - as that was what brought him down last year). Messi is a bit lost, but Giuly is taking his chances, Iniesta is growing into a mature player and Valdés always makes a calamity in these games. Last year he was at fault for one if not both of Valencia's goals and Cañizares made a blunder too (please check my drawing from earlier this year).

It is bound to be tense, tactical and perhaps even "italian". I suspect Valencia are going to win. This game.



Blogger downincognito said...


Sorry to hear about Eto'o. But with Rabbit and Guddy in the squad, you wouldn't be too worried, i guess. ;-)

I'd hate to see Guddy score against us. Just hate the very thought.

Barca's looking shaky a bit but the same's true about us. Only difference being that the Blues are conjuring up scrappy wins.

I fell in love with Chelsea thanks to Zola. I'm not a big fan of our present brand of football, but we need this ugly but strong foundation after years of underachievement.

Maybe we'll grow into something beautiful like Barca someday. ;-)

Btw, Barca has always been my second fave team. Strange but true.

Just finished downloading Volver. No subtitles, so am gonna have to assume lotsa stuff, i guess. Hope it's better than Bad Education.


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