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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Some late football thoughts

Barcelona - Sevilla
The truth is I am happy Barcelona are loosing as it will take off the pressure to win all competitions they are entering. What a silly idea, to put that pressure on the team. The very opposite of what Rijkaard is trying to install in his players. The media has created a monster, limbering close to the team; that Barcelona are unbeatable, that they will achieve what no other team has achieved - TO WIN ALL COMPETIONS THEY WILL TAKE PART IN. come on that is unrealistic, the bar has been raised so high that not winning every game 7-0 will be seen as a failure. I think it is good that the team gets it installed in them that they have to work hard, very hard and then even harder.

Ps. I wrote this during the game, but it is published some weeks after the game.

Barça - Espanyol
Finally I got to see Barbie (Gudjohnsen) in action. Puyol seems to be throwing himself down a lot, I hope he is not acting.
This question came up: "Why did Brasil not build the team around Ronaldinho. Why did they not watch how he is used at Barça, how to get the best out of him."
Great to see Deco back to his best. Belleti is even calm, not going forward like a possessed man. Luis Garcia and Walter Pandiani are some brutes.

Very Post Comments on The World Cup

Who was the kid behind the French coach, it looked like his child. But that can't be possible.
The German second coach looks like an actor from a 70's porn film.
Most players who have had a great world cup are/were in search of a club…
Or at least in a flirtation mood.
The difference between Spain and England is that while the English belief in the English national team is 120 percent, in Spain it is 5 percent.

The reason that England does not dive is because they never have the ball for more than 25 seconds.
Cristiano Ronaldo is like a child sucking his lollipop.
Aragonés brought two psychiatrist with him, one Canadian who only got to know the players in person two weeks before the tournament, the other a family member without a licence.
Domenech does not trust Scorpios, nor wants too many Leos.
The assistant of Klinsman seems to do nothing apart from imitating the gestures of Klinsman.
A foul according to Ronaldo.
Martin O'Neill claims no-one remembers the third place game/position. He is wrong. Sweden and Turkey have not forgotten.



Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Thank God that the new season has started. Inmense Barcelona yesterday. Look forward to follow Tévez/Mascherano in the Premiership.

3:10 PM  
Blogger downincognito said...


just stumbled upon your blog after coming across the link on the guardian's website.

i started blogging only recently and i have been searching for football nuts like me who love to pen their thoughts on the web as well.

i have to admit that i'm a chelsea fan but hopefully that won't be a bother.

and looks like we share similar tastes in movies and books as well. i love what i've seen of truffaut and bunuel and am mad about bulgakov's masterpiece!

so, let's raise a toast to football, art and maybe a nice li'l friendship as well!



8:59 PM  

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