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Friday, July 27, 2007

Hrafnista Staccato

This is kind of a Staccato account of the Old People's Residency - Hrafnista - where my grandmother lives. On the edge of the world, surrounded by Lava and Elves.

Spontaneous happening -- occurring, you just have to be alert and open up your sensibilites.

The Elves surroundings are the ones of the land of the elves, there is a walk
where my grandmothers friends live, even if she does not want to talk about it, at least not on record. Each time it is off the record my ears raise up, I am so desperate to remember each single word of it, that I just forget.

Rooms, inside the Rooms

People waiting for?

The dance on Fridays
This is my favourite activity, I love looking at the people, some of them far too old to walk, but for a moment, nothing can stop the remembrance of youth.

I love them, I love to take part in them, going to the cinema, going to the old Whale station, taking part in "puttinu" - the mini golf (where people do cheat, I have seen that with my own eyes, cheating does not stop at an old age)

Things and its story

The stone collection, imitating each moment of a long life.

Journeys from the Past

God and Politics, not sure which subject is hotter.

The Lava and the Sea

Questions about the old country side, SVEITINA, it is something extremely romantic, as almost all of the population lives in the capital area. Romantic.

Sigriður - the artist, I was desperate to talk to her, but she kept escaping me, embarrassed about the decreasing health, a real shame as I sincerely thought some of her waterc-olours were sensational.

the Woman on B2, this is an old friend of my Grandmother, that I always have to go and visit. I once about 7 years ago went everyday for lunch there, and she was my lunch friend, on the last day she looked me deeply in the eyes and said:
I am really sad, tomorrow is going to be such a sad day. You won't be having lunch with us tomorrow.
Since then I obviously pay my dept of respect.

Leifur the Poet

Lovísa the friend

Hobbies, card playing, not sure if it is for money, picking up women (yes that occurs even when you are 80), bringing home a one night stand.

The Cod War

The elevator, which is like a highway in rush hours.

Portraits of People and Portraits of Boats


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