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Friday, November 02, 2007

Child Labour or in the name of Family

I think at this moment I was influenced by Sally Mann, later it became more conceptual (perhaps).

Yrsa - In the past I have used my family for this and that, especially in the name of "art".
This was one of those occasions, where I not impulsively made something up, but actually thought it all through. I a sure it is written in a notebook which is now kept somewhere. I was very active, always writing things down and of course thinking of future master pieces.
This was a video I wanted to make, which had my brother acting in it.
He was taken to an area in Malmö full of factories, and asked to sit at this table shooting a rice corn by rice corn into the air. Yes one of these sufferable arty videos. No editing needed. Great actor.

Magnús - My brother later claimed this:
the story is lacking the dimension of time.

I did this for 2 x 2hours.

my payment: a chocolate pastry.


My friend Emelie, came with me, she had some kind of a key to a student film group, we entered there on a sunday and borrowed the camera, to make the video.
I wonder where the tape was. This was one of the many "activities" that we did to keep ourselves off the street.

Magnus is wearing my jacket and t-shirt. and I think Emelie is wearing my jumper and trousers. We borrowed my parents Volvo station, packed in a table, sacks of rice, and off we drove.

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Blogger Emili said...


Emelie as Emilia on Spanish? I think that. When you talk´bout this old friend I´m surprising with this name! this name likes my name, and I believe it´s not usual in your country. ¿Emelie = Emilia?



10:39 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Emil is Emil en Catalan or Emilio, Emelie or Emeli is like the french name Emelie.
So nothing unusual, quite a common name actually.

12:40 PM  

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