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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Brainstorming during the humiliation

Rijkaard's face after the 4-0 is indescribable, to be honest I just want this to end, but my biggest worry it is not the end, that their is a dark era looming behind the corner. Not because the players are bad, but I think there is a civil war approaching, no one will have any patience. Results will be demanded immediately and that is a difficult working method, impossible to work with such a pressure. I don't think that Mourinho is the solution, as his arrogance and ego will attract all the attention, but I am not so sure that is the best working method for the club.
Anyway it looks like it will be Guardiola, well, what can one say. He knows the club, seems to have some kind of personality, but else? It all remain to be seen.

In theory Barça don't have bad players, but something is happening, there is a lack of testerone and lack of will power. One would have thought that after an awful year like last year, the players would want to prove a point, but some of them just want to live well. Perhaps human.

I don't like Madrid, but I have to agree that I do like certain things:
- that Raúl is suddenly valid again. They have dragged the ghost out of him, a good way to use and make an icon for its club leave by the grand door.
- the way they fight to the end of each game, getting the result needed in the last minute.
- That most of their players are not huge stars, but "working" class players (obviously on good wages)

It hurts to see Rijkaard leave this way. What most hurts is that all the human values I value are thrown out by the wind, that perhaps it is impossible to conduct modern rich spoiled players with intelligence and respect. That perhaps all that works is the harsh bad aggressive father who prohibits rather than allows each person's intelligence to control their situation. That it is impossible to act to treat these super ego's with a soft left hand, they will just walk over you. It is not the way I wished for Frank Rijkaard to leave, in severe humiliation. In time I think we will miss him.


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Blogger Jordi Vendetta said...

the end for rijkaard/the way it ends for him is to me the saddest part of it. he was let down by everyone, players, president, txiki..his policy was the 1 1/2 superstar policy and now he had to handle 5 and all this without Henk.
And this was just the

I think this whole thing about Mourinho and his arrogance is blown out of proportions. He is the one coach Barca need right now to break with a lot of bad habits picked up in the team and transform the team to a team of winners. Look at how many late goal wins his teams had, look at the attitude they played with on the field, look at his control over players. The biggest mistake we're going to do is not getting Mou but instead throwing the one big coaching talent we have into this mess.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I agree, with the first part, not so sure about the other parts, the late goals yes, we need the spirit back, the united spirit.

9:48 AM  

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