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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am still Waiting for you Henry!!!

I have no energy to write or think about what happened in the game tonight. I have to say it was kind of predictable. Every single time Barcelona and their stupid entorno and their stupid fans (including me) laugh about Madrid, our Karma comes to haunt us. It comes to hunt us in bright sunlight and causes a slow, but deep and painful wound with a blunt rusty knife.

I will keep on painting, but I will focus my energy on more important things...

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Blogger Lenny said...

I am tired Yrsa, the only thing that I´m waiting for it´s a press conference of Rijkaard saying that he resigns, and of course, the posterior arrival of Mourinho.


9:59 AM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I am tired too, it is just plainly full of disappointment.
No more wasting time or plannings in order to watch game. Other things, will take over, as life has so many other things. There is more to life than this...

I don't even want to talk about Mourinho or Rijkaard's future.
None of my business :)

10:34 AM  
Blogger Lenny said...

Your lucky, I don´t imagine my life without Barça!

11:19 AM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Hmmmm, don't make me look like a bad Barcelonista.
But yes I do have a few things I like spending time on - so I will just divert, at least that is the attempt of this therapy.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Diego Klimowicz said...

Very wise. I wish I also had a life to turn to.

Emotionally disconnected from this group of players I am already. At least when Ronaldinho is playing. Without him I still can identify somehow, but with him...

It's over and the harder he tries the more is he detrimental to the team. Captain Ahab with the Unicef-bracelet. Disaster guaranteed.

Without him I would have some hope for the Champions League, but with him winning it will be impossible. And that's only right.

I parlant del entorn... En Carazo ahir (a vuit punts del Madrid!):

I en Carazo avui (a vuit punts del Madrid...):

Per aquesta gent partits com el d'ahir son encara massa bé. Quina vergonya.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

Well I have a few other hobbies, the main one film, so I will just focus on my Master (good to have no distractions). I have hardly been to any games this year, can't be bothered, I feel lethargic. The entorno is ... Well no words needed.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Jordi Vendetta said...

it's a...well, let's wait for the draw. i did my best...I finished my paperessay at 2 a.m. midnight and then went and did the laundry. No luck in love either right now, so...gimme Schalke please and make sure ManU and Pool face off.
I feel lots of sympathy for Henry, and Mou...oh well.
The positive note is that Ronaldinho is "injured" again, so we might have a slight chance in Almeria and we could do it against Valencia.
Forca Ice!

2:33 AM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I did not want to say anything, but I sensed we would have luck.
Then Chelsea...
Who are fiercer than one would think.
Jordi - People ask me about Barça (as I am the only one in my circles who is obsessed) and I just say puah, I don't care anymore...
but I do.

12:27 PM  

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