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Sunday, March 02, 2008

There is More to Life Than This?

I have to admit that due to National duties I did not see the game, only listened to it half heartedly until the 2-1. When it was 3-1 I was staring in to a sheep's head and decided it would stay that way.
Enjoy the old man playing on his harmonica singing about Jósep and his birds.

From my scarce understanding of the game, the result was predictable.

Each time the media starts its bla bla bluh there is a downfall. At. Madrid were seen as a team that was buried live and no chance of resurrection, but...

Arrogance never ever pays off. Bad Karma.

I am glad that Touré was rested for the Celtic game. It is not that I think there will be a problem, but you should never take the British fighting spirit lightly, they will give more than all (especially when they know that Barça can concede four goals). Touré is essential in that game.
Messi needs a rest I think, I am worried that he he has played too many games since Christmas.

Why is common sense so difficult within the bubble Barça (the press, the fans etc), sometimes it seems like we are all pensioners looking for something to worry about.

Hei Life is not that Bad, last month was a lot more positive than previous 18.

I leave you a little treat:
Fish coated in Pistachio:
Buy white fish fillets
cut pistachios (unsalted obviously) into tiny tiny bits
cut parsley into really small bits
mix parsley and pistachio
whip an egg, coat the fillet in it and then into the
pistachio and parsley mix.

The title is in Björk's honour and her song Violently Happy (as I am living a moment where at times I feel I am so happy I could explode).

Rijkaard and Ronaldinho in training.
A trio in training at Barça.
Fun in training.

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Blogger Jordi Vendetta said...

pretty spot on. you saw them dominating for 30 minutes and then they forgot about everything that made them strong, sacrifice, work, movement and they went to their bad self.
also, the media certainly built up the wrong campaign. they did the same thing against getafe and talked about change of leadership and barca lost 2-0 and madrid won ith 4-3.
but, I see it this way, there are games you have to win, there are games you should win, there are games you might be better off losing before you lose others. Atletico was that type of game. Rather lose this one that way, than any CL game or against Villareal, Valencia etc.
It was a strike at the right time, and those people calling rijkaard a coward(where were they when he benched Ronaldinho, Henry or Eto'o before) are really pathetic.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Yrsa Roca Fannberg said...

I have to admit I did not see the game, was busy in this Icelandic "feast" (well, the food is horrible - read previous post) and only listened to it half heartedly.
I think in some way, perhaps our expectations were high after this run, but a defeat had to come sooner or later and I agree At. Madrid that it is logical to loose at Calderón. Historically the games against At Madrid have always had a high score line.
let's wait and see.
tomorrow is john coltrane - very SERIOUS game.
I hope it is taken as it should

9:52 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

yrsa, i just came across your blog while i watch the CL match between barca and celtic and i was shocked by how lovely you artwork is! very very very nice, too bad you are not a fan of Peñarol (my favorite team in the world- Uruguay) cuase if not i would have to steal it from you ;-)
Although i am not able to follow many barcelona matches, i will look forward to your artwork and posts.

8:33 PM  

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