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Sunday, January 13, 2008

From Up There

Here are some pictures form up there. I wanted to use some of them for watercolours, although it is very difficult to paint snow, I think I might now the method in theory, but it is a different matter in practice.

Iceland was very good, I like the place, even if there are certain things about the society I find a bit disturbing.

I like its maniatic behaviour, perhaps I can even identify with it.
Soon, when the time is right I will do some more anecdotes. It will have to wait.

I am going in the opposite direction for now though.

This is just north of Reykjavik, on the way West. It was freezing, and even taking your hands to take the photograph was extremely painful.

In the middle of nowhere. I really like the landscape around Keflavik, or Reykjanesbaer as it called nowadays. There was a snowstorm, on a certain spot and one could only drive 1 metre, extremely slowly and then wait for it to clear for a second, then one metre, and so on. I was driving the car of my favourite Parliament member, who I trust for the improvement of one of my countries.

My favourite cafe in the whole wide world. Not just due to memories, I used to go there with my mother for a hot chocolate and waffles after my clarinet lessons. Every time I am in Iceland I go there. Just to sit and watch. This time I went there about four times and each time the same man was sitting in the corner table by the door and another man on another table. Regulars you see.

I laughed out loud, when I saw these pictures, when I went to collect them from the developing shop (yes that is the advantage of film, rather than the immediate format of digital photography). I also admit I did find it a bit strange and I was scared by that paw, who made no attempt in making me comfortable.

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