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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nunhead Cemetary

My two good confidants S&W have been talking about Nunhead Cemetary for years, but on each of my visits to London the weather was doing us no favours. This year was no different, raining every day, and one more year it got postponed. But then I was staying with another friend and on the way to the shop I saw a sign. Nunhead Cemetary, by accident I was just around the corner.
Nunhead Cemetary Skyline So obviously I suggested we would go there for a walk, even if it was pouring down. I was excited, finally this day had come. And I was not disappointed. I had never realised that South London is so hilly and from the cemetary you can even see St Pauls. All paths lead to a monument that is just a skeleton. A relic from the war. Some of the gravestones, even if they are little more than fifty years old are so abandoned, surrounded by a wood, roots of trees are coming through them.
If you look carefully you can even see bones. Or so I believe.
It´s utter chaos, left to its own logic, its own laws, But that´s the beauty of it.


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