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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

By by the back door, through the middle door.

I would like to do or read some statistics on which doors, super stars (Kaká, Henry, Schevchenko, Zidane, Ronaldo, C.Ronaldo, Figo, Eto'o, Ronaldinho) leave. Not from a small/middle club, but how they leave the big clubs.
It is said that stars never leave by the big door, which is not that strange, as clubs won't sell them while they are of use (if there is not someone with a huge cheque book) and if they stay they become a burden of the bench. A good manager should always sell them the year they start to entering their decline, however the fans hardly understand when that moment is, which leaves them discontent.
Ronaldinho and Deco should have been sold last year and this (however much hurts) is the year Eto'o should be sold. Ronaldinho, should have been sold two years ago. It was the idea of the club that a player like him deserves to leave by the front door it became an unsustainable situation on everyone's behalf. The player is mainly to blame, but each part has a percentage in the whole soap opera it has become.

How did Zidane leave, by the middle door. Figo, Ronaldo (back door), time though puts everything in perspective.

Playing not playing
In motion (tribute to New Order and Eto'o)

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