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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Now what?

Falling, watercolour on paper, 2009.

Barça have taken a slump around the same time as Davíð Oddsson is gone, finally the three most demands of the Icelandic people have gone through. Buy buy government, buy buy Davíð Oddsson and buy buy the heads of the financial regulations.
It is a strange situation, with the election looming and I fear that they have managed to make the public belief in the "leftish-monster" and the votes will go the same way as always to Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn (Independence party), but oh no, let´s be positive. The human nature is capable of learning. Or...
The spring is almost around the corner, we can now enjoy the snowy streets slightly longer as it starts to bright up around nine and is dark around seven. What a change from the cold long dark days of November and December. I will always remember them as kuldi kreppa og myrkur (cold, crisis and darkness).
It has not been an awful winter for me, I have been able to concentrate on what I need to concentrate on with moments of crisis of course, but moments of crisis is what makes one able to progress.

I would like to apply that to Barça. I refuse to belief in el cagometro, the shit metre, that Real Madrid are there to get us. That they will win the league in the end. I think the blimp is partly to do with concentration, of believing a job was done, but also with fatigue, more mental than physical. It is easier said than done, to have top mentality for two games a week, that fatigue is resulting in less pressure on the opposite team and a delay in decisions (passes, shots, tackles).

But spring is around the corner and my belief is intact. (I tell myself)

There is always hope to fall upon, watercolour on paper, 2009.

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