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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Faceless, but not soulless

I have rarely been so excited lately, a perverse kind of excitement. The news. Iceland frantic cleaning up vomits. More on that later though, to keep something for the future. Hold the hands of your children and just wait.

They seem to be scoring more goals than ever. I have missed them all, saw some over a broken line in Portugal, but they looked clinical, intuitive, forceful.
I have to say I am not too convinced of Guardiola, as a person. There is something in there that make me feel that he is a bit too arrogant, but so far the results and more than that is in his wind. I guess I am too sentimental and hurt that Rijkaard´s way did not work out. For me it was almost a blow to humanity. That one can´t just allow people and trust in people´s own dignity. The rise and fall of the ego. Impossible to control and when you try it is simply too late. He had to go, I agree that, but I can´t help but feel disappointed that it was a way that is incompatible with football at the highest level. To allow people to choose, the non-authoritative way.
I guess I was naive.

Rijkaard and his lonely shadow

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