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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I saw a spirit

The other day me and my brother went to see my grandmother. She was looking for a singing pen, to give us. She is kind of old and memory is failing, some of you might remember from previous posts that she has broken her hips three times, but she still dances ( a funny dance) and pops around.

To look for the pen she bent down on her knees to look, but the memory of where the pen was was gone.
She just said that it was alright, as Kaialong would come to help her.
That Kaialong knew where it was. I asked who he was. "The Indian". She was still on her knees in a fixed position, I asked if he was here with us, if he was of our time. "No no he has many centuries behind him".
Me and my brother remained quiet.
Suddenly I felt something, just something and I could see a decisive look in my grandmother eyes.
A second later the pen was in her hands.

On our way to the car me and my brother mentioned this - we kind of were in shock.
We had both noticed that something.

Ps. I am not being ironic or anything.

Behind there is a spirit, watercolour on paper, 2009.

the space between, watercolour on paper, 2009.

Oh Lord, don´t forget me, watercolour on paper, 2009